We freaking loved Hamburg. Everyone was super friendly and generally very happy. Young people comprise a majority of Hamburg’s population, which was nice for us. The general vibe of Hamburg felt relaxed and genuine. You’re probably asking, why Hamburg, though?


I’m back! I said that with an exclamation mark, but really, I’m kind of bummed… Technically I went on a babysitting trip, but it felt like a vacation. Just getting out of town for a few days was heavenly. What can I say? I love to travel! Seriously, as long as my career involves frequent … More wanderlust

get away

With Memorial Day approaching, the talk of travel and vacationing is abundant. Soon my darling city of Nashville will be teeming with tourists traipsing up and down Broadway with cowboy hats and boots (which I assure you is not every-day attire despite popular notions) checking out the honky-tonks. This time of year makes me restless … More get away