merry christmas eve!

(image) I hope everyone has been enjoying the Christmas and holiday season. There is a reason this is my favorite time of year: family, friends, fire, twinkly lights, good food, sweet treats, festive cheer, etc. I’ll be posting some of my favorite holiday treats later on because they are just too good to keep to … More merry christmas eve!



I’m doing a speech based very heavily on this little book. Have any of you heard of it or tried Dr. Davis’s Wheat Belly Diet? I stick to a grainless diet much better at school than at home, but I have my cheat days too… Like every weekend. Researching this topic for my speech has … More grainless

friday five

I am so so so ready for a little beach time. I’m not going till the end of July though :( Until then, these beachy tunes will have to do. And who knows beachy tunes better than Jack Johnson? He’s a genius. Ok have a good weekend! Hopefully it isn’t 107 where you are…