to the lake

Well, I’ll be absent from the blog for a few days while I take a little trip down to Louisiana. A family I babysit for asked me to help out with the kids on their vacation. They’re meeting up with some family members at a lake for a little reunion and lots of food. I’m … More to the lake


friday five

Sorry for leaving you hanging last week! My excuse is a sorry one but true nonetheless: I am super busy. At least it’s Labor Day weekend though right? I’m headed to Atlanta for the first football game of our season! This is also my first road trip period! Should be fun and don’t worry, pictures … More friday five

get away

With Memorial Day approaching, the talk of travel and vacationing is abundant. Soon my darling city of Nashville will be teeming with tourists traipsing up and down Broadway with cowboy hats and boots (which I assure you is not every-day attire despite popular notions) checking out the honky-tonks. This time of year makes me restless … More get away