simple tilapia + pumpkin frozen yogurt

After eating crappy cafeteria food all week due to the lack of provisions in my refrigerator and pantry, I was ready to do some cooking of my own. I didn’t make anything too elaborate – just my favorite macaroni and cheese, peanut butter cookies and a very simple lemon-flavored tilapia. The tilapia I just sort … More simple tilapia + pumpkin frozen yogurt


baked pecan crusted chicken + quick mac and cheese

(image) Apparently my cooking (or recipes rather) impress someone. One of my friends offered to buy all the ingredients for a meal if I would come cook for him and his roommate. Clearly I do love cooking, so I agreed. He requested chicken, which I’ve never worked with before, so it was off to Pinterest … More baked pecan crusted chicken + quick mac and cheese