friday five

My last day of summer vacation in Nashville has finally come. Leaving is definitely bittersweet, especially when so much fun stuff is happening this weekend. For all you lucky ducks who will be around Nashville this weekend, I’ve picked five fun things I would be doing this weekend but maybe you can do instead! Happy … More friday five


country girl

I’m gonna let my true Southern roots show in this post y’all. There is no denying it, as much as I love the city and desperately hope to live in NYC one day, the country girl in me just won’t quit. I love sweet iced tea. I love warm, soft biscuits. Fried everything is God’s … More country girl

get away

With Memorial Day approaching, the talk of travel and vacationing is abundant. Soon my darling city of Nashville will be teeming with tourists traipsing up and down Broadway with cowboy hats and boots (which I assure you is not every-day attire despite popular notions) checking out the honky-tonks. This time of year makes me restless … More get away