(belated) friday five

(image) I’ve been pretty slack on the Friday Five posts lately… When the end of the week hits, I am exhausted and ready to just chill and not think about anything. Sadly, that means I’ve neglected the blog… In order to make up for skipping 2 weeks of Friday posts, I’m featuring an entire album.


friday five

Sorry for leaving you hanging last week! My excuse is a sorry one but true nonetheless: I am super busy. At least it’s Labor Day weekend though right? I’m headed to Atlanta for the first football game of our season! This is also my first road trip period! Should be fun and don’t worry, pictures … More friday five

friday five

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m going to see The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon (in like 30 minutes actually) with Kate. Unfortunately I’m babysitting and working tomorrow night so not much of a weekend for me… At least I’m making money right? Praying these songs will get me through. Check out that Scissor … More friday five