friday five

It’s Fridaaaayyyyyy! And that’s really about all I have to say. Besides a few babysitting gigs on the agenda this weekend, I don’t have much else going on. I’m planning on hitting up Uncle Dave Macon Days this afternoon, maybe some Estate Sale shopping on Saturday with a little picture printing and framing on the … More friday five

we can’t stop

In case you have not already heard Miley’s new single, here it is! Soooo glad my girl Milez is back. Also, I promise I’m a normal human being. I just have a fascination with/mad love for Miley. Keep doing you, girl! (Fingers crossed I still have followers after this post.)

friday five

I’ve been a bad blogger this week… Oops! The first week back from Spring Break is just so hard. On the bright side though, spring weather is slowly but surely making an appearance. There’s nothing like a sunny 70 degree day to perk up my mood. Miley’s got a new track! Well… Sort of…


Thanks to Refinery29, I was reminded of Miley’s Backyard Sessions on YouTube. She sounds really good if you ask me, but then again, I do love Miley. Anyway, I want to share her cover of “Jolene.” It’s out of season and random but a classic all the same. Rock on Miles.

a new sound

By now you are all familiar with my Miley obsession. Naturally when I found these sneakily-produced “Backyard Sessions” music videos I felt compelled to share them. They’re so raw and natural. Love her song choices too. I miss Miley’s bun :( Also, loving Tay Swift’s new single, Red. I want the album NOW! No telling … More a new sound