homemade chicken (noodle) soup

(image) I will forever sing praises of Advil and Penicillin. Advil got me through strep throat and Penicillin cured me. If you are suffering like I was last week, get some of that stuff ASAP! Within 30 minutes of taking either I felt like a different person – in a good way. If a trip … More homemade chicken (noodle) soup


zucchini pizza

I was having one of those nights, as college students often do, when we just want something warm and a little greasy. Not wanting to totally indulge, I decided to try zucchini pizza (another reference.) It was much easier and more satisfying than I expected. Obviously, I made what might be considered the zucchini “flatbread” … More zucchini pizza

baked pecan crusted chicken + quick mac and cheese

(image) Apparently my cooking (or recipes rather) impress someone. One of my friends offered to buy all the ingredients for a meal if I would come cook for him and his roommate. Clearly I do love cooking, so I agreed. He requested chicken, which I’ve never worked with before, so it was off to Pinterest … More baked pecan crusted chicken + quick mac and cheese