whipped feta dip

I made this on a whim after seeing Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram post about her new recipe for whipped feta with honey and thyme. Since I had all the ingredients and a craving for something snacky, this seemed like the perfect time to try it! After all, cooking is the new going out, right? #quarantining We … More whipped feta dip

mother’s day brunch: french toast bake and frittata

Before starting my juice cleanse this week, I had one last day of indulgence. What better time to indulge than at a Mother’s Day Brunch? Enter French Toast Bake with Blueberries and Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Frittata. Instead of buying my mom a necklace or sweater or some other cliché Mother’s Day gift, I gave my … More mother’s day brunch: french toast bake and frittata

slimkicker giveaway!

Summer is quickly approaching. If you’re having trouble sticking to your fitness plan (or have yet to start one), SlimKicker might be just the thing to get you motivated and back on track.