irish soda bread and skillet dinner with key lime pie

[Warning: outdated post.] I love Saint Patrick’s Day. It seems random I know, but I come from a big Irish Catholic family so March 17th has always been kind of a big deal. When I was a kid, we’d gather at someone’s house to eat, drink and carry on as we Irish do best. Now … More irish soda bread and skillet dinner with key lime pie


sweet potato pie

My mom’s new recipe I promised yesterday? This is it: Sweet Potato Pie. Yum, yum, yum. Everyone who thinks Pumpkin Pie is the classic Thanksgiving dessert is right. However, I motion for Sweet Potato Pie to take its place. Pumpkins get their share of the spotlight (*cough* Halloween) in the fall. Sweet potatoes never get … More sweet potato pie

apple pie pockets

When I get a hankering for warm meals and everything pumpkin, I know it’s fall. While we are well into the season, it hasn’t really started to feel like fall until now. The trees are changing colors and dropping their leaves faster than you can read this sentence. Outside is brisk and windy with a … More apple pie pockets