new look

Amidst the stress of finals and end-of-the-year activities I managed to squeeze in a little DIY project. This old shelf was in my garage for years. I pulled it out of obscurity to be a TV stand in my apartment (with a little makeover.) However, 4 months later the red chipped shelf still looked the … More new look


settling in

One of my grade school friends has this saying, “I need to settle in first.” Basically this means he likes to have time to unpack/adjust/relax in his new surroundings, be that his home, his own room, or whatever his destination is. I can relate to this feeling of “settling in.” I don’t fully feel welcome … More settling in

back to school

Well summer is over for me unfortunately (not temp wise though.) It is still a scorcher here in the South but school is in session – as of today actually. Yes today is the first day of classes. All went well but I am exhausted. I gotta get used to walking up and down hills … More back to school