summer reading list [update]

Just giving a quick update on my summer reading list progress. It’s been a month since I cracked open Gone Girl, and this week I finally got into Anna Karenina. So far, I like it! I highly recommend Beautiful Ruins and Gone Girl, also. Beautiful Ruins made me want to escape to Italy (and never … More summer reading list [update]


vacay update

Not much to report so far! I’ve taken a few pics (of the beach mostly), but nothing exciting. Of course just being at the beach is exciting for me. I did ride my bike today in search of another book. I finished The Road (McCarthy) on the ride down and read Catcher in the Rye … More vacay update

summer reads

Summer brings to mind lots of things: watermelon, swimming, scorching heat, the beach… but most especially for me – books. Without the stresses of school (assigned reading, tests, etc.) I am free to do read whatever I want. Here are a few of my picks. Read along with me! (Disclaimer: these books are listed in … More summer reads