recent target finds

I’ve really missed my weekly Target runs during quarantine, so, instead, I’ve been browsing the virtual aisles in the Target app. (Very bad for my budget.) It’s not nearly as fun and definitely not the same as leisurely walking around the store, but I unearthed some pretty good finds while scrolling online. I’d been looking … More recent target finds

the westbound rangers

Thank goodness the BF introduced me to a new band. The music on my iPod right now is depressingly overplayed and far from “fresh” or motivational. Every season I like to update my music library with seasonal or just good ole’ enjoyable tunes. Right now, I’m going through an Americana/Bluegrass/Avett Brothers-esque phase. The Westbound Rangers … More the westbound rangers

back to school

There actually is a very very good reason that I haven’t written a blog post in over a week. In fact, there are multiple reasons why, but all of them can be summarized in one word: busy. Since I left Nashville I’ve moved in to my new condo that I share with my brother and … More back to school

friday five

My last day of summer vacation in Nashville has finally come. Leaving is definitely bittersweet, especially when so much fun stuff is happening this weekend. For all you lucky ducks who will be around Nashville this weekend, I’ve picked five fun things I would be doing this weekend but maybe you can do instead! Happy … More friday five