recent target finds

I’ve really missed my weekly Target runs during quarantine, so, instead, I’ve been browsing the virtual aisles in the Target app. (Very bad for my budget.) It’s not nearly as fun and definitely not the same as leisurely walking around the store, but I unearthed some pretty good finds while scrolling online.

High-Rise Bike Shorts 7″, $20

I’d been looking everywhere for bike shorts and finally found this pair in stock at Target. They’re sooo comfy to wear around the house, do yoga and for our daily walks.

Mid-Rise Jogger Pants, $20

I was influenced by Caitlin Kruse (The Mama Notes) and bought these sweats. I probably could’ve sized down, but a little extra room in sweatpants is never a bad thing.

Waffle Knit Tank, $10

I love this casual comfy tank for wearing at home. It is cropped in front so it’s great for high-waisted shorts. Slide the arrows to see what I mean.

Black Linen Pull-On Shorts, $19.99

These black linen shorts are so comfortable and they have pockets! I wear them on days when I don’t even have to leave the house. The black colorway makes them look chic enough to wear on a quick errand, though.

Water Hyacinth Milk Crate, $19.99

One of the prettiest storage options out there. (Even if they are overflowing with snacks… 😁)

78 oz Glass Storage Container, $14.99

I went on a major nesting/organization spree right before Graham was born. I used these in all different sizes (small, medium, extra large) to make our pantry more functional and pretty.

Two-Pack Expandable Drawer Organizers, $14.99

These clever little expandable organizers made such a difference in our kitchen utensil drawer.


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