baby boy makes four

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has turned our entire world upside down, we feel so blessed to have something to celebrate in a weird, uncertain time.

Graham arrived three days early (just like his brother). I went into labor early Thursday morning after getting a membrane sweep and was admitted to the hospital by 8 a.m. After laboring for eight hours, I got an epidural at six cm, and my OB broke my water. Graham was born just three hours later after four pushes! The entire process felt so quick compared to my first experience, which I’ve heard is common with second babies. I was just happy that everything went so smoothly. I didn’t have a birth plan for either delivery because, really, isn’t the plan just to have a healthy baby? I don’t see the point in trying to control something that can’t be controlled.

Despite our concerns about giving birth in a hospital during a pandemic, our experience was wonderful. All of the nurses and staff wore masks and the labor and delivery wing was totally quiet and closed off from the rest of the hospital. We were in and out 24 hours after Graham was born. Chris and I had to wear masks whenever a nurse was in the room and weren’t allowed to have visitors, but other than that, everything was the same as it was when Everett was born.

Life with two boys under two years old has been busy, to say the least, but also enriching and joyful. I’m looking forward to the years ahead and watching my babes grow together.

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