fall in boston

In September, we visited my dearest and oldest friend in Boston. She and her husband have lived there for a few years now, and since Chris and I are always down to travel, we jumped at the opportunity to see Boston in the fall!


We explored on our the first day, hitting up all of the tourist spots like the public library, the Old South Church, the Boston Common, Eataly (a must-visit!), Newbury Street for shopping and Beacon Hill. Then we met up with my friend in Harvard for a quick tour of campus and dinner with her husband.


They live in Arlington, the last stop on the train from Boston. It was nice to be outside of the hustle and bustle but still close enough to be downtown in 15-20 minutes.

They took us to the South End where an artisan market was set up. Then we took the train up to Charlestown to see Bunker Hill. Chris and I, breathlessly, made it to the top of the monument. It was an unseasonably hot day, so we didn’t hang out in the tiny, crowded lookout area for very long. Then we wandered past the Shipyard to catch a ferry back into the city.


We walked through the harbor and bustling Quincy Market up to Little Italy and the Old North Church where the lantern hung to alert militia of the British army’s arrival. Then we walked down to the Charles River Esplanade after a quick peek in the Cheers bar. For dinner, pizza from a local favorite called ‘Za. A perfect day.


For our Sunday outing, we had a wonderful brunch at Rosebud then drove up to Halibut Point and Rockport. Talk about idyllic New England! Rockport was exactly the quaint little coastal town I hoped it would be. Halibut Point was craggy and peaceful with waves crashing against the monstrous boulders. In Lockport I had my first real lobster roll AND found an ice cream shop named after me! Amazing!


The highlights? Obviously, hanging out with my friend and letting her show me around her city. For sure Eataly. I did not expect to love Mario Batali’s Italian mega-mart as much as I did. Also, the ferry was so fun and seeing some of the oldest and most-revered monuments of our country’s infancy. Of course, Rockport and Halibut Point were also favorites. The Northeast waterfront really won me over.

Read more about our trip to Boston on TravelChannel.com


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