hello, 2016


It’s been a busy holiday season here at the Miller household, in the best way. Now, with 2016 in full swing, I’m thrilled to report that we’re happy, healthy and ready for the new year.

Chris and I shared our first Christmas together as husband and wife, which meant new traditions and lots of traveling. We spent Christmas Eve and Day with his family, then drove to Nashville for Christmas #2 and New Year’s Eve with mine. We visited with friends, ate too much food and quietly rang in the new year.

2015 was a roller coaster year for us. We’re looking forward to taking it easy in 2016.

One of my goals this year is to write more, be it on the blog or in a journal. I’m notorious for going quiet (sometimes for months) on here, so I’d love to change that by writing more regularly.

In the spirit of getting sh*t done, I plan to write about a DIY project on which we’re currently working. Look out for that post in the next week or so. On delight this year I’ll also wax poetic about our new couch 😁 (coming in early February!), divulge recipes, break down our wedding details and share bits and pieces of our (mostly boring) life.

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