friendsgiving // friends gathering


We call it “friendsgiving,” but I like to refer to it as “friends gathering.”

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to bring everyone together at one place and one time. Sharing a meal together, like we did at friendsgiving, is actually a big deal! So, I call it “friends gathering” because this kind of get-together is truly a rare thing in our busy world. And, on a lighter note, friendsgiving allows us to “practice” for the real thing on Thursday.

Chris and I hosted the third annual gathering of friends for our Knoxville crew on Sunday evening. Twenty of us feasted on everything from fried turkey to mashed potatoes to Reese’s-filled brownies. Some played pool, others enjoyed drinking wine and chatting in front of the fire.

That’s the blissfully uncomplicated nature of friends gathering — no drinking limit, no small talk, no judgement. We’re just pals, gathering to relax and socialize before returning to holiday madness.



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