We freaking loved Hamburg. Everyone was super friendly and generally very happy. Young people comprise a majority of Hamburg’s population, which was nice for us. The general vibe of Hamburg felt relaxed and genuine. You’re probably asking, why Hamburg, though?

There’s Mona!

My friend from high school lives there now, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with her. She was a German exchange student during my senior year of high school and ultimately one of my closest friends. She brought her parents along to show Chris and I around Hamburg, which was extremely helpful.

We arrived in Hamburg on Saturday morning excited but exhausted. A cab ride from the airport to our hotel took about 30 minutes, but it allowed us to see a majority of the city, including parts we never visited. Chris and I checked in early (praise!) and took a much needed nap followed by an extra long, hot shower. (After our 16 hour plane ride, a nap was necessary.)

Still not sure how palm trees grow here

We rallied around 5 p.m. and walked down to the Port of Hamburg. It was FREEZING, especially on the river, but the views were incredible. There could not have been a better way to start our honeymoon than watching the sun set over the water while drinking a cappuccino (because jet lag).


For dinner, we decided on Fischrestaurant Störtebeker. It sat across the street from our hotel, the Empire Riverside, and had riverside views. This ended up being Chris’s favorite meal of the entire trip, which is saying something. I ordered shrimp scampi, and Chris got the special of the day — three different kinds of fried fish and some sort of slaw.


We weren’t ready to call it a night just yet, so we ordered a few drinks from the hotel lobby bar. Later, we discovered the hottest bar in Hamburg actually occupied the entire top floor of our hotel. (Shout out to the hostess at our hotel for letting us in on that little well-known secret!) Naturally, we took the elevator upstairs to check it out. The bar was packed and overpriced but boasted 360 degree views of Hamburg, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls.

Next, we walked across the street to a local bar we passed earlier. (It’s our honeymoon, after all! We’ll sleep when we’re dead.) This bar was amazing. It was everything we imagined Germany would be with patrons singing German songs aloud while sloshing their beer mugs back and forth to the beat.

The yummy crêperie!

On our second and final day in Hamburg, we met up with my friend and her parents for a “real” tour of the city. They took us to an old coffee shop where the original, working roaster remained on display. Then, we ate lunch at a lovely little crêperie with a chic nautical theme happening. Chris and I loved hearing the history behind the older buildings and learning about tourist and local attractions.

Chris and I both agreed we’d love to visit Hamburg again. Two days was just not enough to take in all the sights. Actually, Chris said Hamburg was his favorite city of the entire trip! Paris will always have a special place in my heart, but so will Hamburg.

Where we went in Hamburg:
Zur scharfen Ecke – awesome dive bar full of friendly locals
Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei – coffee shop and café, we bought these beans
Ti Breizh, Haus der Bretagne – Crêperie – filled with locals, great selection of sweet and savory crêpes
David’s – bar in our hotel, ordered croissants, cappuccinos & drinks
Fischrestaurant Störtebeker – upscale seafood restaurant on the river
Empire Riverside Hotel – great service, perfect location
Watergate – enjoyed a beer and cappuccino on the port

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