the millers go to france


Finally, the week of our honeymoon has arrived! As you know, my husband and I tied the knot in June, but decided to take a delayed honeymoon. Our reasons for a delayed honeymoon being, 1) summer is peak season in Paris, thus more expensive, 2) but fall is wine season, so, WIN! and 3) we wanted to save up money and take the Europe trip of our dreams. No penny-pinching!

With our flight and hotels/apartment rental booked, the final, daunting task is packing. I don’t even know where to start. There is also the dilemma of leaving room for wine and gifts in my suitcase. Thank goodness the French value the art of simple dressing.

We won’t be staying exclusively in France, though. We’ll spend our first night overseas in Hamburg, Germany, where an old friend of mine lives. Then, we’ll fly into Paris, where we will stay for three days. On Wednesday, we’ll take a train to Bordeaux for an overnight trip. Finally, we’ll finish out the honeymoon in Paris. It will be quite the whirlwind adventure.

So, if anyone has any recommendations on where to eat, visit, shop, etc., let me know! I’m looking forward to unplugging a bit, but expect tons of pictures when I return.


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