new year’s eve – the lbd

Yes, I realize the absurdity of posting a New Year’s Eve style post when Christmas is less than 10 days, but Dailylook asked me to create a New Year’s Eve look with a little black dress on their site. Never one to turn down a style challenge, I accepted.

Most of the women I see on the 31st of December wear short, tight, impractical dresses with six inch heels. I’m not sure when this became the “going out” uniform, but it’s time for a revolution. Stylish comfort wins over attention-grabbing all day, every day. So this year, don’t fall victim to the cheap, mass-produced NYE clothing crap trap. Wear something that genuinely makes you feel HOT and BEAUTIFUL.

Also, if you’re going to be drinking, you’ll feel much more comfortable in a loose-fitting maxi dress (like the one above). It’s forgiving toward alcohol and late-night-munchies bloating. Plus, a long-sleeve maxi dress is WARM, like, way warmer than those sleeveless sequined numbers Forever 21 sells in bulk.

Glam up a simple, sophisticated black maxi with sparkly accessories like a long, dainty necklace, teardrop earrings and a lucite clutch. Metallic shoes pop underneath the dress’ slit.

See you fashionistas on the other side! (By that I mean, in 2015.)


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