friday five

You may have noticed I’ve been very interested in food and cooking lately. I can’t give you specific reason why I’ve turned into mini-Martha other than I’m on a roll in the kitchen. I’m also writing an article about quick, easy meals for college students so that might also have something to do with it. Regardless, cooking remains the topic of conversation, on my blog at least. For this week’s Friday Five, I’ve gathered five cookbooks or food-related books that I’m dying to read. Click through to check them out!

smitten kitchen cookbookI’ve yet to come across a recipe on her blog that doesn’t make me drool. Dare i even buy her book?

gwyneth paltrow cookbook

She is fabulous and so is goop so I’m sure her [second] cookbook is too.
charleston kitchen cookbook I came across this one in the bookstore today and it looks fascinating. Southern cuisine is my weakness. julia child cookbook No, I don’t already own the fabulous Julia Child’s cookbook.

the gluten free table

This gluten-free cookbook was written by the Lagasse sisters (yep, Emeril’s daughters), so you know it’s good.


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