friday five

My last day of summer vacation in Nashville has finally come. Leaving is definitely bittersweet, especially when so much fun stuff is happening this weekend. For all you lucky ducks who will be around Nashville this weekend, I’ve picked five fun things I would be doing this weekend but maybe you can do instead! Happy exploring!

tomato art festival nashville 2013

The Tomato Art Fest in Downtown Nashville (image)

light at cheekwood nashvilleLight at Cheekwood by Bruce Munro (image)

Bonus: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will be at the Tomato Art Fest and Cheekwood!

biscuits and jam concert seriesBiscuits and Jam Concert Series featuring Jana Kramer at Fontanel in the Southern Living Idea House

sensuous steel frist centerSensuous Steel exhibit at the Frist Center (image) Bonus: 18 and under always free and college students are free Thursday and Friday 5-9 p.m.

the pharmacy nashvilleThe Pharmacy – It’s not exactly “new” anymore, but I’ve been dying to try their famous burgers! (image)


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