I think I’m an anglophile

First of all, the royal baby has a name! George Alexander Louis is now the most famous baby in the world (and was trending on Twitter before he even took his first breath.) The extensive media coverage of the little Prince and my current read, The Night Circus, which is set in Europe, has me infatuated with all things British. I think of a European lifestyle as classic and traditional; it’s simple but contemporary with a touch of whimsy. Whether my depiction of those across the Atlantic is accurate or not I cannot say, but I’m inspired by them nonetheless. I don’t just love modern English either; I’m fascinated by the English of any century. Keep reading to see what brings out my inner Anglophile.

royal baby via Digital Spy

jane austen silhouette pillow

Jane Austen silhouette pillow via Etsy

english inspired outfit

My own Polyvore creation inspired by British style, or what I perceive to be British style. Bag: Mulberry / Top: Carven / Trousers: Topshop / Loafers: H&Mthe bronte sistersBrontë sisters via Tumblr

english country home decorEnglish country house interior via Pinterest

1900s english dressMid-18th century English dress via Tumblr

english countryside cornwallCornwall via Pinterest

make tea not war print“Make Tea Not War” print via Etsy

alexa chung styleAlexa Chung via Skinny vs. Curvy


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