monogram desktop wallpaper

As I think I’ve said before, I love clean design. My tastes in home design, tech, fashion, food and music are becoming more refined as I get older. I’m really drawn to natural, neutral and functional elements/colors/pieces. Since a lot of my time is spent on the computer now, naturally my love for simplicity carried over to my desktop layout. Continue reading for links to clean, elegant and free desktop downloads!easy monogram desktop wallpaperI created the desktop wallpaper above in about five minutes using Pages. I inserted three text boxes into my document (in landscape orientation) with a single letter in each. Pages has some pretty cool fonts to use, so you can really play around with the design. Once I chose a font I liked, I set the font size to 140 for the left and right letters. The center letter is font size 200. I exported the document to a PDF, saved it to the Pictures folder and uploaded it to my desktop. Simple enough right? If you’re not quite feeling up to the “technical challenge” of creating your own wallpaper, I listed a few sites below with beautiful free desktop downloads.


One thought on “monogram desktop wallpaper

  1. Well..I’ve been looking for a ‘monogram app’ that is
    “totally free” so I can create wallpapers for my phone, ipad, tablet, etc. And though I have came across ‘maaannnyyy’ that claim to be “free” ..
    however, after downloading the app..I find that they’re actually
    NOT free at all…
    So..I’m hoping to find at least one that is truly free on your list.
    Thanks for sharing with us! your blog!! 👍


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