friday five

It’s Fridaaaayyyyyy! And that’s really about all I have to say. Besides a few babysitting gigs on the agenda this weekend, I don’t have much else going on. I’m planning on hitting up Uncle Dave Macon Days this afternoon, maybe some Estate Sale shopping on Saturday with a little picture printing and framing on the side, and definitely making a trip to Frothy Monkey. Is there anything better in the summer than exploring your hometown? I think not. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

uncle dave macon days

The Uncle Dave Macon Days festival is so typical Tennessee. If you’re visiting Nashville this weekend, I recommend checking it out to get a taste of Nashvillians’ roots. (image)

blue valentine indie movie posterI started a new thing this week where I watch a new movie every night (via Netflix), specifically, movies that I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen. They’re mostly indie movies, but I’m open to recommendations! (image)

frothy monkey nashville

Following The Frothy Monkey on Twitter was either the worst or best decision of my life. Every time I check my timeline I get this intense craving for some Frothy coffee. The craving will be satisfied this weekend. (image)

garden wedding in memphis from ruffledMy most recent post on The Bride Link! I’m obsessed with this wedding. (image)

The new Vampire Weekend album is magical and you should all buy it.

miley cyrus picture

A seriously good read for the Miley haters/critics out there. Thank you for always being amazing, Man Repeller.


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