I’m back! I said that with an exclamation mark, but really, I’m kind of bummed… Technically I went on a babysitting trip, but it felt like a vacation. Just getting out of town for a few days was heavenly. What can I say? I love to travel! Seriously, as long as my career involves frequent traveling, I’ll be totally satisfied. Nashville will always be home, of course, but I gain new appreciation for it after visiting other places. Keep reading to see photos from my trip to Louisiana!lakeSo this place called Rexmere in Bordelonville, Louisiana is absolutely breathtaking. What used to be a working farm now serves as a private getaway on Horseshoe Lake for an extremely large family. This gem may be in the middle of nowhere, but it is absolutely worth the nine to ten hour drive. I had the best [homemade] fried fish and fresh crawfish. Plus, the scenery is amazing. As you can tell, my photos aren’t too different from the one I used last week!

lake at sunsetHonestly, how perfect is that?

lake in louisiana lake lake at sunsetcountry roadThis was the road we took to Rexmere. Ironically, “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean came on at just the right time.

beignets from cafe du mondeWe stayed overnight on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain near Mandeville to make our drive back shorter. My “employer” suggested we stop for beignets and café au lait on the way out. So, naturally, we hit up Café du Monde in Covington. Oh. My. God. Talk about a sweet way to end the trip… If it wasn’t for the humidity I might actually move to Baton Rouge or something! It ranks number five in the top 10 places for young, broke and single people to live! And now I’m off to figure out my next destination…


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