10 super comfy summer pajamas

As much as I love clothes and getting all dressed up, literally nothing in the world beats slipping into a pair of soft, clean pajamas and climbing into bed. Nothing I tell you. Most of my friends sleep in a pair of Nike shorts or Yoga pants and call it a night. To each his own, I guess. I, however, am part of a rare breed that just can’t quit super cute pajamas. Maybe it’s because I always had perfectly paired sets or girly nightgowns as a child, but, to this day, I carefully pick my pajamas before each slumber. I’ve tried the haphazard grab-whatever-t-shirt-and-shorts-are-on-top approach, but it absolutely went against my nature.

big comfy bed picture from the glamourai

(The Glamourai)

All this rambling brings me to my point which is: I’ve decided to shed light on the much underrated clothing category that is PJs. Below are 10 pairs that I’m lusting over right now (and you should be too.)

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In slideshow: 1. H&M Pajamas ($24.95); 2. Victoria’s Secret Cotton Mayfair Boxer Pajama ($39.50); 3. J. Crew Vintage Cotton Pajama set ($85); 4. Ralph Lauren Striped Boxer Pajama set ( on sale for $44.99); 5. Eberjey Gisele Short PJ set ($97); 6. Kensie ‘Sunset Beach’ Camisole and Shorts ($30); 7. Jane & Bleecker New York tank and shorts ($28); 8. Forever21 Tie-Dye PJ set ($16.80); 9. ALAS Eclipse PJ shirt ($80) and shorts ($71); 10. Old Navy ‘Banana Yellow’ Printed Lounge shorts ($9) and Vintage V-Neck tee ($7.50)


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