apartment bedroom inspiration: boho chic

So we finally decided on an apartment. That means major obsessing over decorating for me. Seriously, I could not fall asleep Monday night because I had so many thoughts and ideas running through my head about how to decorate. Maybe I have a Pinterest/interior design addiction…

neutral and pink color scheme bedroom

Anyway, the color scheme I’m thinking for my bedroom is a mix between girly, sophisticated and bohemian. I love mixing prints and textures. The three pictures above capture the vibe I’m going for and have been burned on my brain since they crossed my line of vision. I love simplicity.

pink and neutral apartment bedroomThis is sort of what I’m thinking for my bedroom. The white ruffled comforter from TeenVogue at Macy’s is spot on. While the pillows (Anthropologie and World Market) are definitely out of my price range, I’m certain I can find similar styles or get crafty and make my own. That “Hey, Y’all” print, though, is a must have, if not in my bedroom then the living room for sure. Basically, I just want a clean, relaxing space to unwind.

Sheets – Target; French dresser – similar on Ebay; Brass headboard – similar on Ebay



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