coconut milk smoothie

weight loss smoothie

So I’ve moved on from juicing and back to my ole standbys: smoothies. They’re tastier, thicker and much easier to make. Smoothies are similar to oatmeal — they’re easy to customize and no matter what I add to them, they always taste delicious. Maybe I’m just a pro smoothie/oatmeal maker, but I will say all the fresh fruits available in summer make it easier to play with flavor combinations. 

Naturally, when I came across this smoothie on Pinterest claiming to help weight loss I had to try it. I’ve read so much lately about the health benefits of coconut oil  and healthy, natural fats. The Organic Momma cites the “fat burning and metabolism revving” properties of coconut milk and oil as the reasons this smoothie works wonders. Eggs, protein rich, and organic berries, high in fiber and antioxidants, offer additional benefits.

I will say, this smoothie keeps me full throughout the morning. I get slightly hungry around 10 or 11 but can normally make it through till lunch. It’s definitely tasty and easy to make!

Coconut Milk Smoothie for Weight Loss

8 oz. organic coconut milk

1 tbsp organic coconut oil

1 banana, frozen (I use fresh. It works just as well.)

1/4 cup organic berries, frozen or fresh 

2 raw eggs

Blend until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!


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