a first-timer’s juice cleanse: the verdict

After three long days of juicing, I’m done! The last day was by far the hardest but mostly because the drink was absolutely terrible. Actually, I didn’t care for any of the juices. I would’ve done a thousand times better with this cleanse had I actually enjoyed the juices. For future reference, I will not be using these juice recipes.

beginner juice cleanse

Day 1: At first the juice tasted OK, I wasn’t hungry and I was thinking “OK I can do this!” I even went on a short hike with my friend! Around 3 p.m. I had a splitting headache, major nausea and fatigue. I didn’t even finish all the juice for the day. After 3 hours of babysitting, I came home and napped for about 2 hours, which helped with the nausea. I ate a few pieces of baked chicken, some carrots and broccoli. The nausea came back after dinner but a warm bath and sleep helped.

beginner juice cleanse

Day 2: I sort of cheated and bought two Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness” juices. (Hey, at least I was still juicing!) The second day’s drink was by far the worst. I hate ginger with a passion though. Anyway, I made it through and had some carrots and the rest of my baked chicken for dinner.

beginner juice cleanse

Day 3: I finished off some of Day 2’s green juice (through gritted teeth,) but that’s about it. After feeling nauseous on Day 1 there was no way I could stomach Day 3’s juice¬†combination of Day 1 and 2. Just the smell made me gag. So, actually, Day 3 was the worst juice. I caved at about 6 p.m. and ate some yogurt, then a grilled cheese, then granola and some chicken…

Clearly, this did not work out how I hoped. I don’t really feel that much different, nor did I really lose any weight. If I do juicing again, I’m picking juices that appeal to me. I guess I thought the juices would taste all right since they had some fruit in them, but boy, was I wrong. I hate celery, cucumber, ginger and now beets. So why I thought I would be able to drink juices with those ingredients, I have no idea. If anyone finds some tasty juice recipes, send them my way! I’m open to trying again.


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