friday five

I mentioned last week that I’d be shaking up the Friday Five a little bit. Take a look to see what’s new!

I know this song is super cheesy, but my birthday is Saturday (big 2-0!), and this One D song pumps me up. Also, they lyrics could not be more true right now. Gotta live it up while we’re young right? God, I sound like an insane teenager. Unfortunately, I only have one more day to use that as an excuse though.

tumblr_mh5ctrQii11s28k4zo1_500Could really go for some of these as a nice birthday treat.

Tibi Black Zepplin Mini Shift

Rented this dress for the weekend!

Found this awesome Pilates YouTube channel. The moves were challenging, but I’m sure it will pay off.

Cranberry-Orange Sparkler

Hoping to make something similar to this for my birthday celebration.

(Click on the images to be redirected to their original sources.)


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