so artsy

Tree Stumps

My roommate and I bought paint and canvasses at the beginning of the year as a cheap way to decorate our sparse apartment. Six canvasses and six months later we are still decorating. In fact, “we are so artsy” is our unofficial sarcastic motto now. My roommate’s procrastination during exams resulted in nearly 30 paper snowflakes. Over the break, I scoured Etsy and local antique stores for more cutesy pieces. After a trip to Kinkos and the local craft store I was ready to put my projects into action.

On the agenda? Frame and hang some prints, update my “inspiration board,” and write a quote on an old window (you’ll see what I’m talking about in the picture below.) Items completed on the agenda? All! I have pictures to prove it. Honestly, this is the most productive start to the new year I’ve ever had.

Inspiration Board

Old Window Kitchen table

I am obsessed with these vintage maps my siblings got me for Christmas. 
Print over kitchen table

This print is from emilymcdowelldraws‘s etsy shop. Living room

Our little winter wonderland, courtesy of the roomie. Botanical print Stove

Washi tape is my new favorite framing method. Old window

This old window works perfectly over my kitchen sink. I wrote a quote from Proverbs 31:25 in dry erase marker and taped scrap paper behind the glass.
Desk Coffee table

I bought that super cool antler at an antique store in Nashville called The Gas Lamp Too.
Bathroom Paris picture in bathroomThis print of Paris is also from The Gas Lamp.


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