Getting ready for the family feast happening at 12:30! Turkey is roasted…


Pies (fudge and sweet potato) are baked…


Cheese grits are in the oven…


Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is on TV (my high school band, Father Ryan, played!) …


…and Trader Joe’s Winter Blend coffee just tastes better in my new Rodarte + Starbucks mug. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I am so happy and grateful to be home with my family for the holiday. Have a good one wherever you are and with whomever you share it!

*Oh, and here’s a look at my Pilgrim costume I wore to my friends’ “Holla-Thanksgiving” dinner last Saturday. There were two requirements: Dress up as a Pilgrim or Indian and bring a dish to share. I brought Cauliflower Fauxtatoes and Pumpkin Macaroons from Trader Joe’s. My friend, Chiz Oh Be Quiet, kept referring to me as Laura Ingalls and insisted on photographing this moment of me gathering my things to leave. Apparently it was the perfect depiction of Miss Ingalls and my domesticity. Happy Turkey Day y’all.

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