men in coats


Ladies’ fashion tends to dominate the blog, but today I want to give the guys some props. Men’s fashion truly shines in the winter. There is nothing more attractive than a man in a well cut suit. Equally as sexy? A man in an impeccable winter coat. You name it, I love it: pea coats, toggle coats, wool coats, leather jackets, puffers, trench coats, military, varsity, etc. Don’t even get me started on men in sweater… So ladies, and men looking to improve their sartorial status, enjoy these pictures I’ve corralled from various men’s style blogs. Just try to contain your excitement over these well dressed males.

By far my favorite look. (image)






Honestly how am I supposed to pick just one? Four-Thirds Gentleman has the best men’s style photos. I wanted to use every single picture… I honestly think I’m going to look at it everyday just because I love the layout and content, even if it is for men.

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