I’m doing a speech based very heavily on this little book. Have any of you heard of it or tried Dr. Davis’s Wheat Belly Diet? I stick to a grainless diet much better at school than at home, but I have my cheat days too… Like every weekend. Researching this topic for my speech has reintroduced me to this sort of paleo diet, if you will. I’ve been much better about watching my grain consumption this week. 

It’s extremely difficult, especially when starting out the first time or getting back on track after a long time. Once you get past the first 3 weeks or so though, sweets and bread don’t have as much appeal. Strange, but true. With holidays coming up, going grainless will be even more of a challenge. After reading Dr. Davis’s book though, and doing some outside research on his philosophy, I’m convinced that humans really don’t need grains.

Granted this probably comes as a shock to many of you, but take a little bit of time to research this topic. You’ll find more proponents of this idea than opposers.

Some places to start:


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