(belated) friday five

I hate that I was too busy to post yesterday. I don’t like neglecting the bloggy :( Better late than never though, right? So let’s pretend it’s Friday again just for a minute. I started listening to Christmas music on Thursday and it hit me: a Christmasy Friday Five! Of course there will be more Christmas FFs in about a month, but with November 1 as the official acceptable date to start listening to Christmas music, I felt it necessary to introduce some seasonal tunes. Get excited for the holiday season!

I actually really love Lady A’s new Christmas album. Usually modern artists put weird spins on classics, but Lady Antebellum stayed pretty true to the originals.

She & Him. ‘Nuff said.

It doesn’t get better than Bing Crosby.

Possibly the most calming and enchanting “winter song.” Also, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson rock.

No joke, this song gives me chills. Yes yes I know I’m weird. I’m just so excited for Christmas!

And take a look here at some pics of my Halloween costumes!


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