introducing zara home

Mega retailer Zara launched their home site in the U.S. early this week and let’s just say if you like Zara clothes, you’ll love Zara Home. The prices are a tad high for me but some pieces are pretty reasonable. It really varies from product to product based on the materials etc. Most of the decor is classic and elegant not too trendy and flashy. It fits my simple yet eclectic home style. Be warned, however, you may see dramatic decreases in productivity level and rises in “My Home” board pinning.

Buy them here:

  1. Aurelia Tray
  2. Vibrant Pillow
  3. Saluki Pillow
  4. Double Feston-New Dotty Bedding
  5. Zanzibar Throw
  6. Columbus Jars
  7. Allen Tumbler
  8. Lace Tumbler
  9. Concha Small Tray
  10. Ovo Pie Plate
  11. Cinde Box
  12. Julio Door Stop
  13. Geometrics Rug
  14. Lisbeth Basket
  15. Baxter Frame
  16. Champion Frame
  17. Vega Photo Frame
  18. Lusiana Lantern
  19. Roger Vase
  20. Nabrock Vase

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