settling in

One of my grade school friends has this saying, “I need to settle in first.” Basically this means he likes to have time to unpack/adjust/relax in his new surroundings, be that his home, his own room, or whatever his destination is. I can relate to this feeling of “settling in.” I don’t fully feel welcome or at home in a place until I’ve taken the time to become acquainted with it, walked around a little and then just taking it all in. There is a calming quality to this “settling in.”

Naturally I wanted to settle in to my new apartment but that didn’t actually come until much later – this past weekend to be exact. See, my living room was bare. I mean there was a small couch, chair and coffee table, courtesy of the university, and a woven chest my mom found at a garage sale. People would come in and say, “Oh is this the dance floor?” No, I just don’t have a rug, ample seating, a TV or anything on my walls. It was quite depressing to walk into every day. Thanks to my wonderful parents, I now have a chaise, rug, TV stand/shelf, and a TV! It’s like a whole new room. My mom and I did some rearranging and major cleaning of course and hung up some pictures.

It’s funny how a few small changes make a stark university apartment feel like a home. And that my friends is the definition of “settling in.”


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