eighteen candles

Last Wednesday was my brother Patrick’s 18th birthday. I know, he’s a baby, especially for being a freshman in college. I remember turning 19 last year and thinking how weird it was celebrating my birthday away from home. It’s kind of sad and really different but my friends helped me make the most of it. Sure, you don’t wake up to gifts and your favorite breakfast in college, but it’s all part of growing up I guess. So I tried to bring home to my brother as much as possible. We went out to eat at Calhoun’s on the river with some of his friends and our cousins. I made him a cake with my mom’s homemade icing and we sang “Happy Birthday.” The real birthday treat was going to Atlanta for the football game on Friday. (More on that later this week.)

The lighting in the restaurant was absolutely terrible. These pictures are not very good but you get the idea…



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