sanibel island, florida

As you may well have guessed my family and I are back from our vacation on Sanibel Island. Our bellies are full, are skin is tanned (with a few noseeum bites), and our memories fond. My mom’s brother and his family down there as well so we ate dinner with them most nights. Does it seem like every time I discuss Sanibel I also talk about the food we ate there? If so, there is good reason. We did not have a bad meal I tell ya. Not one! From Cheeburger Cheeburger to The Lazy Flamingo to tacos in the condo our stomachs and tastebuds were well satisfied. I won’t drone on about the food though because obviously I have no recipes to show you and even if I did I am sure they wouldn’t turn out as well.

Our condo was right on the beach making the lugging of chairs and coolers much easier (or more convenient I should say.) The pool was small but rarely crowded. Actually the entire island seemed to be in off-season, which indeed it was. Apparently only crazy people like us vacation there during hurricane season. Also, people don’t see the need to drive as far as Sanibel for warmth during the summer as the Panhandle will do just fine. Whatever the case, we had the place virtually to ourselves which is just fine by me! It was a lovely, relaxing week and I am none to happy to be back in suffocatingly hot Nashville. Gross. Below are pics from the trip!

I’ll take this all day, any day. Clear, blue water for miles people. Can’t be beat. 

The only evidence of my grumpy 13 year-old brother on the beach.  

What are the ‘rents looking at? Oh yeah, probably that gorge expanse of turquoise water (pictured above.)

[Insert cheesy sisterly love caption here.] But really she is pretty cool (sometimes.) :)

We are definitely always this affectionate though. Cheesin’!

Aren’t they presh? Oh, Erin and Carl.

Loggerhead Cay condos.


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