friday five

Refinery29 thinks Paloma Faith could be the next Adele. She is pretty good but I’m not sure anyone can replace the Grammy winner. I’ll give Paloma props for the video though. It’s really well done! Actually it reminds me of Downton a little bit…sort of…maybe not. Addicted to Jason Aldean’s new song. I’ve been in the mood for some pop, upbeat tunes lately from the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna (though I’m not usually a RiRi fan.) It is what it is. Have a good weekend! I’m headed to Sanibel Island in Florida this weekend! I am beyond excited you just have no idea. The fam and I will be vacationing until next Saturday. I’ll post as much as possible but no guarantees on daily posts. Instagram and Twitter will most likely be updated daily, though that’s not guaranteed either :) I mean it’s vacation people!


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