style it 3 ways: denim cutoffs

OK people it’s about time I did a style post on here. After all, fashion is my first love and if I want to be a stylist or fashion journalist I gotta get the ball rolling. So, let it be known that I was subjected to 6 mosquito bites all for you lovely readers (at least I think I have readers…) 6! I now have 6 bug bites on my legs because of my dedication to this blog and my love for dressing up.

So here we have me smiling as though billions of mosquitoes aren’t feasting on my legs. I’m not very into the whole modeling deal so don’t expect stellar pics. Me & my sister could barely keep from laughing while taking this pictures. How do pro bloggers do this all the time? Atlantic-Pacific and The Glamourai are so serious and convincing! One day perhaps… Anyways, I’m wearing custom made denim cutoffs from The Little Sparrow Shop on Etsy. This was my first clothing purchase from Etsy and my experience could not have been better. Sarah, the owner, was a doll. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect pair of cutoffs. She is genius (and local!) My shoes are Cole Haan (similar) and hands down my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Comfy and leopard. The silk top is J. Crew and all jewelry is Forever21. Yeah, I don’t really invest in jewelery.

Below is the second look. Much more playful I think. Very Man Repeller-esque (another one of my inspirations – style-wise.) Who said you can’t wear heels and shorts? Not me! I encourage it! It’s all about breaking the mold dolls! Something about dressing up a simple look with heels and sparkly bracelets excites me. I love the contrast. Also, those are the raddest heels. I wish I could wear them more. Sadly, 5 1/2 inch heels aren’t conducive when managing 11 four to five year-olds at summer camp. When I get that job in New York I mentioned early, I’ll wear these babies all the time.

I’m wearing LC Lauren Conrad heels, Forever21 straw fedora (similar), J. Crew tee (similar).

And a detail shot…

Finally, the hipster/concert/going out outfit. Hey, I think my poses are getting better! Nah… I really think high-waist shorts were made to show off the better part of your abs. Even if you don’t have a hard as rock abdomen (I certainly don’t) these shorts kind of make it look like you do! The cover up that lower belly fat that never goes away. Ever. Anyway, I made a potentially “man attractor” outfit a “man repelling” outfit in true Man Repeller style by simply adding white tennies circa 1993. (BTW those sneakers are on sale! A total steal!) The black chiffon blazer helps too, keeping shoulders and back out of sight. However, the peek of skin in the front is just enough to peak interest.

*Note: My mother did not approve this outfit. Also, I did not take these pictures in my backyard. *wink*

5 thoughts on “style it 3 ways: denim cutoffs

  1. Love the outfits! Great pictures, too! I have yet to take outfit pictures for my blog because I can’t get over the whole “modeling” thing, so I commend you for doing so. Very relatable post!


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