rent the runway on campus


You may or may not have heard of a little website called Rent the Runway. Basically you can rent designer dresses at about 90% of the retail cost for 4 days (8 day rentals cost more.) I used RTR twice and both experiences were fantastic. The dresses were lovely and in great condition. I got sooo many compliments. Sadly, I had to tell people they were not actually my dresses but inquiring parties were thrilled to hear they too could be clothed in beauties similar to/or exactly like mine. Now the prices may still seem a little lofty for a 4 day rental, but think about it. You can wear the likes of Proenza, Tibi, and Chloe for under $300. THAT is a steal. If nothing else you’re paying for the elation you feel the first time you see yourself in a mirror; the first time the dress falls over your head, hugging or draping your body just so; the first time you receive a compliment. Those, people, are unforgettable memories. Not to mention all the dresses photograph extremely well. Did I mention you can rent jewelry and clutches too? Yeah, RTR pretty much thought of everything you need for a girl’s night out.

Since the brand has become so popular, they have branched out to colleges creating RTR On Campus. It’s basically an internship for any girls interested in working for RTR or in the PR/Fashion biz. I recently joined my university’s On Campus team and am now a summer blogger and PR Manager. Pretty sweet. I wanted to tell you all about my posts on the RTR website. I’m blogging for the Food section (of course, the topic I know the LEAST about.) I’ve been using a lot of the recipes I feature on here. Cheating? Nah. Check them out when you get the chance! I need all the support I can get! This internship will hopefully open up a lot of doors for me and I’m happy to share my experiences with you all along the way.

Links to my articles:

My food articles

Misc. article

And my blogger profile

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