friday five

Don’t judge the Miley song! Really she is just background vocals but still, IT’S MILEY! Yes I am an unashamed Miley fan and yes I tweeted multiple tweets of excitement when she announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth. So what? She’s just trying to grow up and figure herself like the rest of us except she has to do it under a microscope. That’d make me go pretty crazy too. You can’t blame her for all her “scandals” which aren’t even really scandals. People get tattoos and go bra-less all the time. I got you Miles.

Ok no more Miley rants. Seriously listen to these songs though. They’re the next big things. Maybe. Sort of. Kimbra is my new fav music soul sister. Girl can sing! Of course it helps that her “big break” was with Gotye. I don’t think anyone needs reminding about that song.


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