pink, white, and blue


I warned you! I warned you all. The pink hair was a coming and it came. Probably not as vibrant as you or I was expecting but nevertheless, it’s pink and I like it very much. I actually don’t mind that it’s subtle. It looks effortless and “natural” – strawberry blonde if you will. I’d been eyeing the Color.Bug from Kevin Murphy but, as it isn’t sold anywhere in the state of Tennessee and costs anywhere from $24-30+ shipping on ebay, I DIM (Did It Myself.) After researching this trend quite a bit, I learned that chalk pastels can be found at any craft store and work just as well. So, being the cheap-o that I am, I hit up Jo-Ann (yes, it is just as overrun with old ladies and stay-at-home mom’s as you think.) I bought a 12-pack of chalk pastels in assorted colors and got to work. Of course, I only used the pink but I’m thinking next time I’ll try 2 or 3 colors together – like pink, purple, and blue? Anyway, the application wasn’t too bad. It took longer than I expected, and I ended up basically teasing the lower half of my hair trying to rub on the chalk. The Color.Bug might have worked better in that respect but I still got the color I wanted. My shirt and shoulders did not. Yes, unfortunately the chalk came off on my skin and clothes but it washed out (of my skin anyway; clothes have yet to be washed; I’ll keep you posted.)


Final verdict: I washed my hair last night but there is still a little bit of chalk remaining. Not enough to stain clothes or skin though. This is a pretty cheap, and fairly easy, way to get a hint of temporary color. For beginners and non-committees I would suggest this method. Next time, I would put a towel under my hair while applying but you live and learn right? Not sure how many more times I’ll do this just because it really got everywhere and the application process was pretty tedious. I’m thinking the Color.Bug might really be the way to go. Try it out cheaply first before investing is my advice. This and this is a pretty helpful tutorial.

Also, yesterday was the 4th of July so here are 2 pictures from last night. Sorry, I’m not very good at making people (or myself) take pictures. I’ll work on it.


After a delicious meal with the extended family, I went downtown to see the fireworks with Kate and her boyfriend who is in town for the week.


American Eagle top, shorts, and earrings // Forever 21 sandals and jewelry


And my dessert I promised to make. It was sooooo delicious (if I do say so myself.)


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