myriad of things

Will be posting something relating to this picture on Thursday.

Eating this tonight.

Wish I was doing this…

Instead I did this.

And tomorrow, will be seeing lots of this.

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myriad of things

One thought on “myriad of things

  1. […] I warned you! I warned you all. The pink hair was a coming and it came. Probably not as vibrant as you or I was expecting but nevertheless, it’s pink and I like it very much. I actually don’t mind that it’s subtle. It looks effortless and “natural” – strawberry blonde if you will. I’d been eyeing the Color.Bug from Kevin Murphy but, as it isn’t sold anywhere in the state of Tennessee and costs anywhere from $24-30+ shipping on ebay, I DIM (Did It Myself.) After researching this trend quite a bit, I learned that chalk pastels can be found at any craft store and work just as well. So, being the cheap-o that I am, I hit up Jo-Ann (yes, it is just as overrun with old ladies and stay-at-home mom’s as you think.) I bought a 12-pack of chalk pastels in assorted colors and got to work. Of course, I only used the pink but I’m thinking next time I’ll try 2 or 3 colors together – like pink, purple, and blue? Anyway, the application wasn’t too bad. It took longer than I expected, and I ended up basically teasing the lower half of my hair trying to rub on the chalk. The Color.Bug might have worked better in that respect but I still got the color I wanted. My shirt and shoulders did not. Yes, unfortunately the chalk came off on my skin and clothes but it washed out (of my skin anyway; clothes have yet to be washed; I’ll keep you posted.) […]


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