the fourth
Is anyone else feeling like the summer is flying by? I mean it’s already 4th of July (next week anyway)! I just need everything to slow down and take it’s time. No rush to get back to school. Really.
The 4th is honestly one of my favorite holidays. Maybe only second to Christmas. Summer holidays are just 10x better than anything simply because, well, they’re in the summer. You’re already relaxed and chill. Basically summer holidays give us a legit excuse to get together and drink carry on with friends. Saaa-weeeet!
Anyways…the point of this post: 4 outfits for the 4th. The first “set” is probably the most sartorial choice of the 3 sets. It’s really just a switch from skirt to short but you could also switch the shoes and whatnot if so desired. I just couldn’t leave out those super cute J. Crew striped shorts. Don’t be afraid of the polka dot + stripe combo. It’s actually quite easy to pull off and looks rather chic. As long as the color tones and size of prints are in harmony, it’s very easy to mix patterns. The Karen Walker sunnies could really be worn with all 4 outfits but most especially with the first 3. It gives the otherwise lady-like styles an edge. These Soludos espadrilles – my original pick before stumbling on those fab Madewell mini-wedges – would also look super cute with the white sundress. The last outfit is sort of a wild child choice for those with a more bohemian spirit. More L.A., less Hamptons. Nevertheless I love it. That tank is so cute! Although I would probably only wear it on July 4th and possibly for some country music concert or “white trash” themed college party (yes, those still happen.) The star of the 4th outfit though is the shoes (although I’m pretty obsessed with those cutoffs since I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair.) I mean what do those shoes NOT go with? Except maybe formal attire, but no matter. I still love them.
So there you have it! My 4 4th outfits. Sorry, I was trying to be witty and it just came out stupid. I’m gonna end this before it gets worse but leave a comment before you go! Like or love or hate my outfits?

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