sisters of the summer


You might recall from my post on Friday that I attended the Brothers of the Sun concert on Saturday. I don’t claim to be a die-hard, long-time fan of country music but I can certainly appreciate it and do enjoy it. In fact, I wish I knew more classics. I’m working on that though. My best friend whom I also invite you to recall from this post is however a die-hard, long-time country music fan. Thus when an artist of the aforementioned music genre rolls into town she jumps at the opportunity to go to their concert and I usually tag along. This time her fanatics brought us to some of the biggest names in country: Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (although we didn’t actually see the last 2 artists – sadly – since they opened and we were late.) Like I said, I know little to no classic country, but this was a great concert. Kenny and Tim are great performers and there was never a dull moment. Pretty good eye candy too and *spoiler alert* Faith – the woman, the blonde, the legend – made a guest appearance alongside hunky hubby Tim! If BOTS comes to your city, make it your first priority to go. Even if you aren’t a lover of country music.

Ain’t she purtty?
I think I’m a little too Coachella and not enough CMA Fest. Nevertheless, here is me and my best friend again.
Ok so I’m a leetle obsessed with the (tiny) Nashville skyline, but I swear I was listening to the music too!
A rather low-quality shot of what was a very epic moment: Kenny (left spotlight) and Tim (right spotlight) dueting.
Apologies. Again, this doesn’t quite capture the magic, but I forgot my camera at home.



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