country girl

I’m gonna let my true Southern roots show in this post y’all. There is no denying it, as much as I love the city and desperately hope to live in NYC one day, the country girl in me just won’t quit. I love sweet iced tea. I love warm, soft biscuits. Fried everything is God’s gift to man. You name, we have it – fried that is. I will always feel most at home in a place surrounded by trees, grass, and extreme heat. When you hit the first sign for Cracker Barrel, you know you’re in the South.


ImageThat white stuff on my lip? Powdered sugar from these babies below. Attractive isn’t?


Deep Fried Oreos with mounds of powdered sugar

ImageDowntown Nashville (above & below)

ImageImageMy bestest best friend in the whole wide world.

Last week, my darling city of Nashville offered people from all over the country (and the world!) a little southern hospitality in the best way we know how – with food and country music. CMA Fest is more of a week long celebration of country music than a weekend. It’s a chance for a tourists and natives to take advantage of all the wonderful music and sights Nashville has to offer. Admittedly I have never been to the Country Music Hall of Fame or The Ryman. I am ashamed to confess that, but it’s true. CMA Fest allows us Nashvillians to play tourists for a week. Even if you don’t have a tourist convention massive celebration of country music and all things southern as an excuse to explore your hometown, get out there and explore anyway! You don’t know how many times I’ve seen “play tourist in your own city” as a fun summer activity on various blogs and Pinterest.

Image‘Lil bro.


Basically everyone should go to CMA Fest next year. Even if you don’t like country music (I despised it until junior year of high school) it’s still so fun. Just going to the concerts will make you a fan if only because country music fans are simply the best, most devoted fans in the world. Their excitement to be there and see their favorite artists is contagious. The first weekend in June is a reminder for me of how lucky I am to live Music City. Mostly I long for the day I can get out of here and live somewhere bigger, more suitable to my tastes; but it’s events like these that make me proud to be a Nashvillian and a Southern belle girl.

I’m wearing: Old Navy orange tank (similar); Forever21 headband // Urban Outfitters white lace dress; Forever21 purse (similar) & earrings (similar); CoverGirl lipstain // Old Navy white tank; Tracy Feith for Target floral skirt; Forever21 necklace


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